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For me, E Davis 1987 easily tops Rose and Foster in the OF.

Davis was an impact glove in the OF that could change games. Davis and Foster were not. Davis best OPS (991) was similiar to Pete's (940). Granted, Rose had him on OBP, but there's no comparison to me. Davis is clearly the better player if you are just judging based on one season.

Same for Foster (1.013 OPS). Davis' glove is better, and clearly makes him the better player.

I don't know enough about Robinson to comment on him vs Davis.

If we were allowed to consider Jr's years in Seattle, he easily makes it too. But his peak year in Cincy? no.
Foster led the league that year in runs, HR, RBI, SLG, OPS and TB. Davis also missed 33 games. Davis glove was very good, but measure Foster in his era and the fact that he only missed 4 games in 1977 and I don't think ED's glove makes up for that.