Well, it's just been reported that the results of the gender testing of Caster Semenya-(blazing winner of the 800 meter race in the World Track & Field Event - beat old record by lots!) are in. Semenya has a pole, and a hole - a hermaphrodite. The testosterone levels are 3 times normal of a woman. Jeez, what to do, what to do. Not a man, not a woman - 'splain that to the grandkids. I suggest we learn from this, be fair-and create the Hermaphrodite Olympics. MAN! That would be soo cool to watch, I mean-just checking out the various LUMPS in the track suits, and trying to figger out what they are would be fascinating. Especially when they do slo-mo reruns... (Pamela Sue on "Baywatch" comes to mind-but a lil different) There would only need be one dressing room facility = very efficient...And BOY-sparks will fly when they start pairing off and messing around...try to figger THAT out! I REALLY enjoy this world, for real, learn sumptin new every day! ALOHA!