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I wouldn't say Wells or Burton had any kind of significant time with the Bats. Ramirez did though. Klinker was a huge loss.

To put it plainly, the problems were Vazquez, Cochran and Atencio. Then Baez, and LeCure had their problems but they're both coming off injuries. Kennard was as well but he was effective.

Lee Tabor earned a lot of respect from me. I made no bones about my disdain for him back when he was either giving up runs or allowing too many baserunners. He pitched quite well at the end of the season.

Baez was much worse than Vazquez, who was decent for the #5 starter. The injuries to Bruce and Bankston really hurt, though. It would have been nice to have seen Bruce in RF instead of Bolivar and Bankston DHing, and Bruce probably would have hit better. The issue with game 5 was not Vazquez, but Atencio and our offense.