Lynn Henning of the Detroit News wonders if the Tigers will consider offers for Curtis Granderson after the season. Though he has 27 homers and 20 steals, Granderson has struggled at the plate this year, particularly against lefties. He has a batting average on balls in play below .300 for the first time in his career, and it has factored in to a .248/.331/.457 line that's solid, but below Granderson's standard. (He's hitting more fly balls than usual, which could explain the BABIP dip and rise in homers.)
I think he could be a solid 4-5 win player in GABP. Check out his road stats:

284 .355 .519 .874

Never could hit lefties, but could platoon with Stubbs if necessary.

Very solid defense, especially considering the size of CF where he plays.

Makes a lot of money:

10:$5.5M, 11:$8.25M, 12:$10M, 13:$13M club option ($2M buyout)

But would be underpaid if he put up numbers like this year's.

Not sure what it would take to get him, or if the Reds have it, but I sure hope Jocketty calls to at least find out.