I was thinking about this..... and it isn't a bad problem to have since we're going to have as much quality depth as we've had at the position in many number of years. But look at the OF we're going to have looking to make this roster next season:

Jay Bruce
Drew Stubbs
Chris Dickerson
Johnny Gomes (Free Agent)
Wladimir Balentien
Willy Taveras
Joey Votto (by this time next year at the latest; if Alonso will be on the team or makes a case to be)

I think this alone makes it highly unlikely that they won't re-sign Gomes. Right or wrong, they know they've got an abundance of OF that can play at the MLB level. There's more then one odd man out listed above there. I think Dickerson COULD get dealt in the offseason for a need somewhere else. I honestly think Drew Stubbs or Jay Bruce also could be had at the right price. Although I still feel they should build around Bruce. I like Balentien as a 4th or 5th outfielder. I know many are high on Heisey but I don't know a lot about him. If Yonder Alonso is ever going to return on the investment at this level then they're going to need to do something with Votto and that'd probably be left field. Then they're hamstrung with Taveras' bad contract at least for next year, which I see as the biggest problem. So who is going to be in the outfield to start the year next year, and who is going to be the 4th and 5th outfielder, since we'll say they'll carry five.

LF: Dickerson 65%/Stubbs 35%
CF: Taveras
RF: Bruce (Balentien will spell if Bruce doesn't improve vs. LHP)

4th OF: Stubbs/Balentien
5th OF: Heisey

this is what I guess they'll do.