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I'm not voting. My views on Stubbs are well documented, and IMO this power surge is a mirage. If he's the CF next season, i expect he'll post an OPS around .710-.720. At best.

I don't care how good his D is, that doesn't work for me, especially considering his SB% right now. Oh and here is the caveat, If you dismiss the MLB SB% because he had a much, much better rate in the minors, you have to dismiss the power at the MLB level for the same reason in reverse.

What I want is an average or better glove that can post at least an .800 OPS. In this ballpark, that's a necessity. I want a bat strong enough to hide a glove like Janish if necessary. I want a manager that understands this too. Glove bats 8th dude.

And no Sea_Ray, he hasn't proven that he has power. He has 123 AB's as a Red and 2 doubles. With his speed he has 2 doubles. That projects to like 9 doubles over 500 AB's maybe. The HR's are something he has NEVER done in his professional career.

Let me repeat that.

The HR's are something he has NEVER done in his professional career.

Now a platoon of Stubbs/Dickerson would be great defensively. I also think Bruce could play league average or slightly better in CF. Gomes looks like the starter in LF, necessitating that Bruce stay in RF.

And I still like Dickerson over Stubbs.
This is the best point to refute the idea that Stubbs has power.

Big deal, he's hit 7 HRs, but he's hit next to no doubles.

Of his 31 hits, only 10 are extra base hits. As you see the counting stats increase, you'll see Stubbs hit more singles and less HR, but hopefully more 2B.

Hopefully, the key part of that last sentence. If Stubbs doesn't start to somehow drive the ball in gaps, then we'll see a CF that will hit singles and the occasional HR.

Color me very unimpressed.

As TRF said, we need bats to make up for Janish. Drew Stubbs doesn't swing that bat we need.