If things continue the way they are, I'm getting EXTREMELY excited about what the Reds will put on the field in 2 seasons.

A rotation of the following would be one of the best in the majors.

1.) Cueto
2.) Bailey
3.) Volquez
4.) Arroyo
5.) Leake

I don't really see Harang in the long-term plans of this team, and he should be dealt for anything worthwhile... Cueto and Bailey are both top of the rotation type arms with another year of seasoning, and Volquez should be back to form by the all-star break of 2011... That leaves 2 spots left that should be filled by 2 of the following 3. Leake, Arroyo, and Wood.

If the young bats are able to develop next season, then you have some serious offensive firepower in Stubbs, Bruce, Votto, Phillips, and hopefully Alonso/Francisco/Frazier by 2011...

I would look for the Reds to hang around much longer next season, and be primed for a 2011 push to the top.