I started bowling about eight months ago and in the last couple months I've fallen in love with the sport. I've learned to hook the ball with a solid rev rate and just recently purchased a $189 Rotogrip Cell Pearl bowling ball. I'm in three different leagues (Monday, Wednesday, Saturday). So far my highest games are a 279 (left the seven pin in the 6th frame) and a 269. I've started to gain more consisteny as of late as I'm now staying down and following through on my shots which is perhaps the most important aspect of bowling. As a result, I recently threw my highest series (650, roughly a 217 average). With help from my dad, cousins, and others, I've come along way in just a few months. My hope is to one day throw a perfect game.

On Sundays while most people are watching the NFL, I'm watching the PBA tour on ESPN. Bowling has quickly become my second favorite sport behind baseball.

I was just curious, is there any other bowlers on here?