The Phillies probably are looking for a closer for next year, and someone to take Brad Lidge off their hands.

How about the Reds send Cordero to Philly for Lidge and prospects and/or cash.

Cordero and Lidge make almost the same over the next two year. Cordero is more likely to be a reliable closer next year, and the second year, I'd say it's a push. The Phillies will be contenders for sure, the Reds... maybe.

So to gain some certainty at a crucial position next season, the Phillies just have to give up some prospects and/or cash. The Reds lose some reliability for next season when they may or may not be in contention, but gain some pieces to fill in some holes.

And it's not like Lidge is crap, he's just having a bad year. Last year, he was perfect in save situations. He might be able to bounce back, but who cares. This is only an issue if the Reds are in contention, and he pitches like crap. if that is the case, the Reds will have time to adjust and find a new closer, and if the can't, that is the risk they are taking in order to get the prospects/cash they need to fill other holes.

Now I am biased, because I think a team can contend without a great closer, just look at the Phillies this year, and the Braves in the 90's, and many other examples. Closers are needed most in the playoffs, and I can only hope that is a problem the Reds have to deal with next year.

Just an idea. Any thoughts?