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Getting rid of CoCo would make my day. Why? Because he eats up so much of the resources we need to improve the club. One of Krivsky's biggest blunders was signing a so-called elite closer for a team who hadn't had a winning season in forever. Look at the Cardinals. They chose a Reds castoff as their closer, but that's not the point.

The point is there are a lot of pitchers who could close for the Reds for a lot less money. I hope they explore these options. When and if this team gets near to contending, then let's explore the high priced closer. Until then, Massett will do.
You forget that before the Reds signed Cordero, they couldn't find anyone to save a game. Do you really want that again if you trade Cordero? Sure his contract is huge but you weaken yourself in another area if you trade Cordero.