The Astros ran ads on Spanish-language radio stations in Houston for weeks before last weekend's series with the Reds, stating that the series was against the Red Sox. Reporters pointed this out twice before the club bothered to put a stop to it.

Seeing red

Contrary to ads that ran in multiple Spanish stations in Houston for nearly a month, the Astros will not play the Red Sox this weekend. They are actually playing the Cincinnati Reds, or Rojos de Cincinnati, not the Medias Rojas (Red Sox).

Although Astros president of business operations Pam Gardner and vice president of communication Jay Lucas learned of the advertisements last week — and in Gardner's case she was told again on Monday — a local station on Tuesday afternoon was still trying to get fans to accept tickets with the claim that the club was going to play the Red Sox.

Gardner initially joked to multiple reporters on Monday that it was a ploy to get more fans in the seats, but when asked why the Astros were allowing such blatant false advertising she apologized Tuesday for initially laughing off the situation when previously asked.

Gardner says the stations in question ran bonus spots without the approval of the Astros and that on Tuesday they finally checked with the radio station to end the ads.