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I think Chris Dickerson can play league average CF in 2010, if healthy, and I think with the numbers Stubbs put up, he could be the centerpiece of a deal that gets the Reds a real 4-5 win player, being it a SP, SS or LF, which is something that the Reds could really use.

Dickerson is not the full time Reds CF. He has not stayed healthy. His offense is primarily against righty hitters. I think his defense is good in CF, but the Reds seem more interested in Dickerson for corner positions.

Stubbs is the Reds CF for now and the future, perhaps splitting time with Dickerson or someone else next year.

Keep Dickerson as your primary CF next year, trade away Stubbs, and you'll be seeing backups out there a great deal. Guys like Willy Taveras. Or maybe Nix. Heisey, maybe, if he does better at AAA next season and deserves a promotion.