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I'm a little confused why many want to dump Stubbs. He's an exceptionally high up side guy becuase of his GG playing defense and exceptional speed, neither of which slumps.

If he can hit even a little bit, he's an above average CF. The only knock on him in the minors was his slow developing power, and that seems to be improving since he hit the majors. He's always show the ability to take a walk and, after a slow start, he's regained that ability in the majors.

If he can OBA .320 and slug .380 he's a viable player in CF, likely one we aren't going to improve upon without giving up way too much.
I'm not advocating "dumping" Stubbs. I just think that his ceiling is 3 win player, and I'm not real sure he can even reach that. So why not try to use him as the centerpiece of a deal that gets the Reds a solid 4-5 win player?

Maybe that is not doable, but I think it worth exploring. I think his performance in the majors has raised his stock significantly, probably higher that it should be, so why not see if the Reds can take advantage of it.

I do agree with KC61's worry that Dickerson may not be healthy enough to play everyday. But if the Reds get the right player back, it still might be worth it.