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You do know that Stubbs was a slightly above average center fielder in his time with the Reds don't you? Sure, an upgrade to well above average would be nice, but if Drew Stubbs is on this team next year and repeats what he did this year he won't be anything remotely close to 'the problem' if the Reds aren't good.
I know that Stubbs contributed greatly defensively, and in very limited time put up some decent (although completely foreign to him) numbers. IMO, Stubbs is a downgrade from Dickerson, so I'd rather the Reds figure out who and what the Hell they have in CF by letting Dickerson essentially have the job to lose out of ST. Unfortunately with Willy Taveras in the mix, that won't happen. With Stubbs making the most of his opportunity late in the season, I feel it only clouds the issue even more.

I can't be the only one thinking that hoping that Stubbs repeats what he did in very limited time over the full course of being the everyday CF in 2010 is an extremely short-sighted way to enter 2010, can I?