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Using a very basic RC formula, Stubbs created 25 runs over his 196 PA's. Plug in Taveras' numbers this year, his worse ones, and he would have created 14 runs. They had the same walk rate, so it was pretty easy.

So that means that having Taveras in stead of Stubbs over those 42 games would have cost the Reds just over one win.
This is what I can't grasp when it comes to these kind of stats. I just can't agree that Stubbs vs. Taveras was only 1 win different. When a pitcher sees Stubbs make a catch that Willy would have been running in on then out and then back in again and played it on the bounce it changes much more than 1 game. I just think the whole team plays off of each other and when one is horrible the others start stinking also.