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When the Baseball America Reds top 30 prospects list comes out, Mesoraco will be listed at number 30.

I do not feel that Mesoraco was drafted based on need at catcher. There were several teams that had Mesoraco graded at the point he was taken in the first round. Several scouts have told me that if the Reds had not taken Mesoraco, he would have been taken by someone else within the next few picks.

Actually, I don't think you would see a high school player drafted because of a positional need anytime really. Some may disagree with that.
How do you know he's going to be #30? And regardless of what they say, he is way better than that.

However, I fear that Mes will start at AA out of necessity to move Coddington up, and I think Mes would benefit from a half season in High-A.