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I just think your idea of "stats" is what I'd disagree with, (translation HR's). Besides the fact he doesn't look to be an annual 30+ bombs a year guy I see no issues with his offensive production.

Patient ? Check
Contact ? Check
XBH's ? Check
Overall run production ? Check

Could he put up a .280/.340/.470 career line or better and play a good 3B, I just don't see why he couldn't and those are Mike Lowell's career numbers with only 2 seasons with more than 24 HR's with his average being closer to 20 a season. As a matter of fact I believe that is exactly what his major league line will look like, his minor league career numbers show a .296/.367/.491 hitter and with improvement and a .02 drop accross the board he's right there.

Lowell Career minor league #'s .294/.359/.470 (ages 21-25)
DeRosas Career minor league #'s .274/.346/.374 (ages 21-26)
Frazier Career minor league #'s .296/.367/.491 (ages 21-23)

I just think Frazier is far more Mike lowell and far less Mark DeRosa and there is no reason to believe he cannot play 3rd base as it's already been stated that the organization feels comfortable with the fact that he can play there. In short he's no 4th place hitter but in a good offense he can be a great 6th place hitter and an adequate 5th spot guy.
He's never really played 3B on a day in day out basis. I think the idea of him handling the position is a big assumption. Right now LF and 1B are the only spots I'm sure he could play without killing the staff. If those are his spots, .810 isn't good enough. He could spot in at the other spots without piling up cumulative damage, but he needs to prove he can handle a spot on an every day basis that his bat can support before his value goes to the level many on here are already giving him credit for. I'd bet he wouldn't get such an assumption in trade talks or national rankings.