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I agree more guys carry a 19-20% LD than do not. However, since 2002, there are no fewer than 30-40 regulars that have carried at least 20%. Chipper Jones has a 22.7% in that time. Manny is over 22%. In a smaller period of time, Joe Mauer is 23.5%. It's not easy, but there are a decent amount of players that have done it.
Possible of course. To be expected for anyone who hasn't done it at the MLB level for several years already though is a bit of a reach.

Those who continue to ignore the lunacy that Francisco put up in AAA and Cincinnati in the BABIP department are going to be very confused and simply don't get that math behind a players stats.

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Dominican: 173 PA, 161 AB, 58 H, 12 HR, 107 TB, 12 BB, 37 RBI
Louisville: 99 PA, 92 AB, 33 H, 5 HR, 55 TB, 4 BB, 19 RBI
Cincinnati: 25 PA, 21 AB, 9 H, 1 HR, 13 TB, 3 BB, 7 RBI

Totals: 297 PA, 274 AB, 100 H, 18 HR, 175 TB, 19 BB, 63 RBI
His BABIP combined at those three stops is .423. Its simply unsustainable. Move it to something like .320, which is still likely unreasonably high and he would have hit something to the tune of .292/.350/.570. Great line. But the DWL saw insane numbers across the entire league last year in terms of power. His line in just AAA/MLB with a .320 BABIP is likely more accurate at .274/.322/.504. What if he is just a normal .300 BABIP guy? Then we are looking at something like .260/.310/.490. The kid has lots of power, but his offensive game must be improved still, and by quite a bit. Like noted, he has shown some good signs, but over the long haul we haven't seen it yet.