A report of 2 days worth of AFL. Saw the Thu night Seguaros, none of the Reds did anything (good). Today Alonso and Heisey had day off. Cozart was the DH. My wife thought Alonso looked slimmer. I wasn't sure but she might be right.

So Tanner Scheppers pitched last night. He bounces up and down as a timing mechanism before he throws. His fastball was at least 96 every time. The scoreboard radar gun only had 2 digits He hit 99 a few times. So I was wondering whether he topped at 99 or it just wouldn't register higher. And then periodically he would break in a 84 MPH curve ball. Very impressive.

Saw the Goodyear Stadium and practice facility. The minor league practice fields are way far away from the stadium. At least for an old guy like me, it's a drive and not a walk.

Now.....the stadium. First of all it's brand new, and about 10 times better than Ed Smith. On the other hand, it had a bit of a "value engineering" look. Example - Surprise stadium's walls are a combo of Stucco and decorative brick. Goodyear is concrete block.

I'm going to check out Dodgers tomorrow. I hear it's the Taj Mahal of spring training.