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His plate approach went from iffy to outstanding despite jumping from Low A to AA. The difference that we saw was his power dropped down some and that is what caused the lower OPS. While he may be a year away from what you want, is he a year away from being a better option than Janish because that is what really matters?
lollipop's last comment is how I view this. I think he could very well wind up being better than Janish in 2010, but we don't know what he will. You're absolutely right his approach definitely improved. That was encouraging. I can't completely dismiss the power loss, though I am not knocking him by any means, just that I think he still has some more development time coming.

My thinking on this is that there are a lot of guys that could be a better option at short. But I don't want to overpay for established guys who aren't very good nor do I want to rush unproven guys who might have a chance of being good, but aren't a sure thing. I'd rather we not start Cozart's arbitration clock (in the event he turns out to be a good player) on the offchance he "might" be better than Janish.

Unless he comes out guns blazin' in the spring, let him sit in AAA in 2010 and see what he can do after that.