Originally posted by CougarQuest
Call me a tight wad, but I refuse to pay for sites. With that said, I have made donations to this site in the past, but there is something that just irks me to pay for a site.

If this becomes a pay site, I think we lose people, people who don't have the money to 'waste' on extras like this. I think we also loose out on people from other sites or people who have a valuable insite that won't come in. Can this stop people like ramp, cardinals fans, astro fans, etc. who can give us insite to their club that we don't know or may never know if they won't pay to come in and make one post that informs us? What about a guy who has a lot of medical bills and going through a lot of problems, or a guy out of work temporarily and right now this site is the highlight of their day a place to escape reality? The same person who is too proud to take a donation or be allowed to come in for free while others pay? Some of these people have been here since the beginning. I am totally against making this a pay site.

You want to have a "silent auction", get sponsors, get donations, I'm all for it, but don't make this a pay site because I want EVERYONE to be able to access this site whether they just read or post every second. If we loose one poster (obviously who doesn't cause problems) we may loose a lot.
I couldn't agree more CQ!