From what I've read about Bryan Price, including the stats I've seen today, I'm of the opinion that Price should serve the Reds very well as its new pitching coach. It tells me alot about a guy that will stand by his manager (Bob Melvin at Arizona) and when Melvin was fired, Price showed such loyalty to a manager & friend that Bryan gave up his job for a man he believed shouldn't have been let go. Very admirable. Nice to read also that WJ wanted continuity in a pitching coach. So at 47, Price can give the Reds 15 to 20 good years instructing the young pitching talent both in Cincinnati and in the minor league arms making their way to the Reds.

Don't know about everyone else but I am looking forward to seeing how the pitching staff responds to Price and the results from that. Too bad for Ted Power though. Doesn't seem to bode well for Teddy making to the Reds in this capacity. Have to think someone with another team at the major league level will be calling Power in a year or two if not sooner.

Now Walt let's work on getting a #4 hitter so Brandon Phillips can move out of that spot in the order. Not that Brandon didn't do a nice job of hitting there; he did, but I think he can be of more value hitting higher in the order: contact-wise and baserunning abilities.