I was looking at the Reds' FanFoto galleries for some of our game pictures, and I was reminded of one of the things that puzzles and aggravates me when I go to a ball game.

Let's say the Reds are hosting the Padres.....I would expect to see many, many Reds jerseys, t-shirts, caps, etc. I would also reasonably expect to see a scattering of Padres apparel. WHAT GETS ME is the random guy I see walking around wearing say, a Marlins, jersey. WHY ?

It makes me want to stop this guy and say "Hey buddy, you do know the Marlins aren't playing here tonight, right ?"

Wear the home team jersey......wear the visitors' jersey, even.....but don't wear the jersey of a team that's not even playing that day or maybe playing a game on the West Coast !

That's my Ball Park pet peeve. What's yours ?