This trade stinks, pure and simple.
Even if we pull a good starting pitcher to "replace" Elmer, that's not enough. You can't win with just one reliable starting pitcher.
We've been waiting since 1997 for the glorious 2003.. but it appears that the front office is throwing in the towel already. Man, I hope they make some moves to try and win next year, but so far it's just the traditional Christmas salary dumping.

We got robbed on this trade. Pure and simple. Elmer should've fetched a lot more than 1 prospect. I know this kid is hyped, but let's look at the law of averages.. he's most likely to be an average guy like Todd Walker.

So far, it looks like we are stuck in perpetual rebuild mode. For crying out loud, they tried to dump Jr.. Yes, I know Jr has been hurt, but he's still key to us having a prayer to compete in the immediate future.

How could we gut our starting rotation? I don't care if Elmer would've made 4 million in arb. Who are we going to find for 4 million on the free agent market that will put up similiar numbers?
Or are we going to have to sell the farm in a trade to get a guy similiar?

This is a really dumb trade. Same old crap from John Allen... salary dumps.

Thanks for making the point about Arnold for me princeton