Here's another way to look at this. Even though I think that last year was disappointing for Wilson, I think he was comparable to Jimmy Haynes.

Starts: Haynes 34, Wilson 30
Innings: Haynes 196.2, Wilson 193.2
Quality Start Percentage: Haynes 50%, Wilson 46.7
Hits/9 inning: Haynes 9.61, Wilson 10.18
Walk/9 inning: Haynes 3.71, Wilson 3.11
Strikeouts/9 inning: Haynes 5.77, Wilson 5.16

Haynes had a little more run support, a lot better defense behind him, and some good luck. Otherwise, their records would have been closer.

I'm going to go out on a limb and say that Wilson was signed for quite a bit less than Haynes.