There was an excellent article on Bowden in the Columbus Dispatch last year, just prior to the 2002 season. I wish I had saved it.

In this article alot of what you all are saying was listed. But it also did list some of the positive contributions he has also done (which so many who hate him seem to want to omit ).

Bowden readily acknowledged that when it comes to the GM job, that he is an S.O.B. and a tough negotiator. I loved the quote where he said... "If someone's blood has to be split, it's better that it's the other guys".

And some of the remarks that some of you post in this thread, attributed to Bowden, weren't "lies" technically speaking... just stupid, incensitive remarks.

And I would never take the words of anything Pokey, DY, or Oester says as reliable, and "gospel".

And I'd say the same thing about sportswriter Sullivan. Since his relocation, he has shown he still has an "axe to grind"

And good point TeamTuck. Shaw sure is anxious to want to come back to this organization.