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From Sarasota to Lynchburg (sort of)

Posted by jfay October 28th, 2009, 10:43 am The Reds are selling the their Florida State League affiliate to the Pirates. The Sarasota Reds will become the Bradenton Reds.
To replace the high Single-A team, the Reds will take over the Pirates’ Lynchburg team in the Carolina League.
All this is subject to apporval by the FSL, but it almost certainly happen.
The Reds’ team in the Gulf Coast League will be replaced by a team in the Arizona Summer League.
“That’s exact same kind of league as the GCL,” director of baseball operations Dick Williams said. “Arizona League moved the games to nights this year because it’s so hot. They’ll play under the lights at our big field.”
Thanks to Dan in Buffalo for asking about the FSL team.