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In my view this issue has partly been an attempt to publicly discuss something that should have been addressed via PM and partly it has been more advocacy for a friend than an effort at understanding and partly its been discussion about community standards though this part has been the smallest part.

All of that said, the original post that precipitated this current theme deserved the action the mods took IMHO and this notion has only been reinforced in my mind by the subsequent thumbing of the rules apparently by the moderated individual (though really none of this is our business). I only say this to point out that it's an interesting launching board for a discussion of the perceived flaws in the moderation system here (again IMHO).

Avenues exist for those that receive moderation to communicate with the mods and to make their case. I doubt decisions are overturned very often but my best guess is that's because the mods don't have hair triggers (i.e. actions are usually deserved). Finally, I think the clearest point that has been made in the several threads that have now addressed this issue is that Boss (and several mods now) have indicated the public discussion of specific decisions isn't an acceptable avenue to communicate.

That's my take on things anyway.
I don't know The Baumer personally, and this isn't an advocacy for a friend.

Personally, I want to understand what's going on. I'm trying to understand how individual post deletion helps keeps threads open, which IMO is an interesting topic b/c it's selective censorship. In the Steve Phillips thread, I wanted to hear more about how I'm a misogynist b/c I think Steve Phillips nailed a very ugly girl who happens to be overweight. I really wanted to see how other posters were going to, and had judged me b/c I think Steve Phillips needs and should have better standards concerning what and who he nails.

Avenues may exist for those with the slap on the wrist to plead their case with the mods, but what about those with the slap on the wrist not having the ability to clear the air as to why they received the slap on the wrist, and then the subsequent judging from the community that ensues b/c that poster cannot defend themselves?

I don't want to discuss a decision to ban a poster, but rather I want to make sure that there is a standard for all of the community, rather than a case by case basis. This goes back to my point which I've voiced a couple times that moderation is not uniform, and it seems that some mods do so more heavy-handed than others.

My goal with my posts in this thread is to gain more clarity of my role in the community to make sure I'm doing what I need to do in order to avoid more slaps on the wrist. That's my self-serving purpose. Am I also curious as to what happened to The Baumer and why? Sure, but that's a PM discussion.