Horst had some trouble with leaving the ball up. But overall he had a good year on a very bad team. I still think he has a chance, assuming last season did not do too much damage. This is where I really differ from the fans who say that winning in the minors is not important. Putting your players in a productive culture is absolutely a huge part of player development. We all look at the numbers of the Sarasota players from '09 but are we taking into account how hard it is to play on a terrible team in front of 200 fans a night, when a pitcher has so much pressure not just to pitch well, but to basically throw a shutout or lose?

Partch has a big league arm and scouts like him but he gets rattled easily and it leads to big innings for the opposition. Not sure if he has the capicity to go from a thrower to a pitcher. Jury still out.

As I mentioned earlier, Martinez is the hardest thrower in the system at about 97 but has not been effective. Velocity can be a bit overrated. Fairel throwing 87 was 100 times the pitcher that Martinez was throwing 97.