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I think that Frazier/Alonso can be more valuable than a #5 starter in the major leagues today. Alonso, I feel could be a league average, perhaps slightly below first baseman in the majors right now. Frazier, if put at 3B/LF I feel would be at the very least league average right now. I do think that Maloney can be a #5 today. I just think that Alonso and Frazier are more ready than that.
Wow. I have no words for this.

(Well, maybe I do.)

Alonso? League average? Seriously? If you take his numbers from AA and extrapolate them to 150 games, they're still well below 1B averages.

Frazier, I might see. Maybe.

But Maloney has already played at the big league level. And done alright.

Same with Francisco.

Proximity = Closest to the majors

There's no way either Frazier or Alonso is close to Maloney nor Francisco, who, oddly enough, doesn't even make your list. (Talk about a blind spot!)