Rk  Player  	        Comments  	   	                                                                Org  	   	
1 Jason Heyward 	Outstanding contact hitter w/ good power and patience; health a concern? 	  	ATL 
2 Mike Stanton 	  	Perhaps the best power prospect in the minors; contact rate is below-ave. 	  	FLA 
3 Michael Taylor 	Athletic giant who manages the zone well and has 25+ home run potential 	  	PHI 	 
4 Jaff Decker 	  	Has good power and is extremely patient; only an average contact hitter 	  	SD 
5 Domonic Brown 	Impressive fast-twitch athlete w/ pop; not as coordinated as you'd think 	  	PHI 	
6 Thomas Neal 	  	Masher showed promising approach in Cal League; BABIP will fall in AA 	  	  	SF 	
7 Jose Tabata 	  	Elite contact hitter has been brought along quickly; impatient/lacks power 	  	PIT 	 
8 Nick Weglarz 	  	Played w/ a broken leg for part of '09; potential stud at the plate; not on D 	  	CLE 	
9 Chris Heisey 	  	Has a big-league body; born to hit line drives; should provide solid D value 	  	CIN 
10 Michael Saunders 	Was AAA success breakout or product of PCL? Struggled over 129 MLB PA 	  	        SEA
11 Josh Reddick 	Missed a chunk of '09 w/ strained oblique; standout power; decent contact 	  	BOS
12 Caleb Gindl 	  	Patient hitter is more athletic than he looks; could be in line for a breakout 	  	MIL
13 Kellen Kulbacki 	Derailed by injuries in '09 but his bat has too much potential to overlook 	  	SD 
14 Grant Desme 	  	Awesome speed/power talent; poor contact -- looks lost at plate sometimes 	        OAK 
15 Sawyer Carroll 	Upside among lowest here; likely MLBer jumped from A to A+ to AA in '09 	  	SD