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Don't get me wrong, I love Silva... but the upside isn't quite the same. Silva likely profiles as a corner outfielder while Hamilton looks to be a shortstop. I am with you on Silva having the potentially better bat. Love his swing plane and well, the numbers speak for themselves so far (although he is going to need to cut the K rate). But Hamilton is the best overall athlete in the system and profiles to play shortstop at a high level. Its tough to have a corner outfielder top that upside.
I noticed that Baseball America's draft report also said Silva would eventually move to a corner. Yet, he played CF with 3 assists in 64 chances and an impressive 7 triples in 143 AB's, yet only 1 HR. He seems to have the speed and arm to play center. Is this a case of playing him at the more skilled position until he shows he can't stick there? The Reds have been known to do that with SS candidates.