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Disagree there, simply because they are so much closer to their ceiling than the Durans and Ravins of the world are to theirs. You make a good point that a guy like Sappelt still has a ways to go to hit his ceiling, but I believe you may be ignoring some of the assets in his game when you compare him to Henry and Cumberland.
Not really, he's fast and does ok making contact so far frankly IMO that's about it. From watching him play It seemed like he patterned his game after Wily Taveras both at the plate and in the field. Except Taveras arm is better and of course Taveras is a much more seasoned and polished player. And there is no gaurantee Sappelt will polish his game up enough to make it to the majors as a reserve. As you can see with Wily, if you don't start you better have some power or versatility or play MI or C to play a bench role and I don't see it with him.