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Doesn't matter what you WANT to know. Being a fan does not entitle us to anything. If he gbroke the law, he should be held accountable. If this somehow impacted anyone other than Tiger and/or Elin, then that's also a different story. But it appears thus far that this is something that had nothing to do with anyone else but them. They have every right not to want to make it a public scene. Does the TMZ account seem plausible? Sure. Does that mean we should assume it's the truth? No. I'd be more surprised if a guy like Tiger Woods WASN'T having multiple flings as I would about any well-known professional athlete. But it's still none of our business.
Where I kind of agree, the fact is that when you become this big people are going to want to know what the story is when a big event like this takes place. Look at when his babies were born. Didn't he publish personal photos of his family shortly after? Is it OK to let fans into your lives when it is a positive time but those same fans need to butt out when something happens that might reflect on you in a negative manner? In a perfect world it would be yes but that is a difficult request.