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I still don't get why he "needs" to answer questions about what happened the night of his wreck. I fail to see any relevance to it. He wasn't drunk, no one else was involved, and he's not under any suspicion of wrong-doing. So why does he need to let the public know the details behind it?

I've read some criticisms by some pundits suggesting that he needs to answer questions. I might be missing something, but I'm curious as to which questions he needs to answer publicly? What is it that we don't know already that "needs" to be known? I'm a little confused on this.
It's in his best interests to do so. He should do it for his sake, not ours.

For instance he doesn't like people speculating that his wife swung a golf club at him on Thanksgiving. Fine. Set the record straight and then the speculation can cease.

If he continues to to keep us in the dark then the folks at TMZ will continue to dig stuff up--not because we have a right to know--because it makes money.

In short, the quickest way for this to go away is for him to set the record straight