Just my opinion but I think it's obvious Walt is a master of this and of course all clubs do it to some extent. But did one finally get their tail caught in the crack?

Mets' talk of Bay ploy to pacify fans?

Ticket sales are lagging and fans are screaming for the Mets to make a meaningful acquisition. And, poof, they suddenly were acknowledging making an offer yesterday to Jason Bay. So was this merely a ploy to change the subject or was this a clear change of course this offseason? A person familiar with the Mets' bid said the offer was for four years and between $60 million and $65 million. Bay has already rejected a deal from Boston believed to be in the four-year, $60 million range. So was this an offer designed as a first step to more negotiations or an offer designed to be rejected, but also to get the Mets the positive feedback of being linked to a top player?