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If there's a 12th team (and I really hope there isn't) it's going to come from the east. Penn St. has been begging for years to get another eastern team in so they have someone nearby, and there are more big TV markets to be had out east than going west.

One school that's been tossed out multiple times on this thread that makes no sense to me is Iowa St. They play in a minuscule market, and competitively they would be a bottom feeder. To paraphrase Rick Pitino when he was with the Celtics, Marcus Fizer is not walking through that door. I'm feel very confident saying the 12th team won't be Iowa St.

I could see it being Pitt. PSU is OK with it if JoePa is to be believed so that is a huge obstacle. They can still play WVU non conference every year.

As far as ISU goes, as a former Iowan, I always thought that ISU to the Big 10 was just silly talk. I don't know if they have veto power but I think the University of Iowa would veto that idea. It's not really a good fit since ISU has more of an emphasis in agricultural, veterinary medicine and engineering. There's no law school there and the only medical degree you can get there is a doctor of veterinary medicine degree. Believe me, they are looking for more things than just athletics when they are trying to get a 12th team. And don't forget, they have been in the Big 12 since it was the Big 6. There's a lot of tradition there.

I still have problems believing that any of the teams mentioned will join. I think the western schools mentioned like TCU and Boise St. are ridiculous suggestions. It's more than just football and basketball. It's tennis and golf and swimming and soccer and volleyball and even wrestling. Penn St. is isolated enough as it is, how do you think they are going to like going out to Boise for a soccer game with budgets being cut the way they have been? Would they go after any of the MAC schools? I'm thinking maybe Miami or Ohio U.