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Everything you said about UC is also true of Pitt. The only difference is that Pitt plays their games at the NFL facility whereas UC does not -- and that's something UC could choose do at any time if the situation was right.
Obviously I don't know as much about Pitt as I do about UC. Its true that UC could use PBS but I don't like it when they do. It takes away from their unique environment. I did post above they every Big 10 team takes in a minimum of $22M from football revenues and then add on the Big 10 Network revenue. If UC does get an invitation they would be foolish not to accept it. I also think that if they do get an invitation it would be a requirement that Nippert gets a face lift, luxury boxes, and increased seating capacity.

As for Northwestern they defiantly aren't in Chicago. It is close but when I was there last year it had a college town feel and was almost out in the forbidden "burbs".