In 2009 LF was mostly manned by Gomes & Nix. Both are gone.

In house candidates:
Dickerson (L)
Francisco (L)

Personally I only want Dickerson in LF if its for late inning defense or if the usual left fielder is hurt. If he can't start in CF then he is a bench player.

I known Balentien did ok last year & has some supporters here. For me he is a dark horse starter candidate.

Heisey is supposedly pencilled in as #1 on the depth chart. Didn't exactly tear up AAA.

Francisco & Frazier are both felt to need more time in AAA.

Dorn would be a super dark horse candidate.

Plan #1: go to spring training with the candidates above & see who wins the job

Plan #2: get a big stud left fielder via free agency. not gonna happen

Plan #3: sign Nix, Ryan Church or some other cheap left handed vet as a backup plan in case Hesiey, Francisco & Frazier start in AAA. Platoon Balentien with the new guy until one of the 3 prospects is ready.

Plan #4: ???