Just thought I'd chronicle his transactions so we can have it for reference. I haven't seen it elsewhere. Key transactions in Red.

Hired for the GM's job April 23 2008 (some might say January, 11 2008)

April '08 - No transactions

May '08:
Released Juan Castro (May 2nd)
Released Scott Sauerbeck (6th)
Released Justin Lehr (23rd)
Granted FA Tom Shearn (26th)
Sold Jim Brower to the Cubs (30th)

June '08:
Released Scott Hatteberg (June 5th; Amatuer Draft Day)
Put on waivers Andy Phillips who was claimed by the NYM (25th)
Signed Rob Mackowiak (27th)

July '08:
Released Andy Green (July 1st)
Claimed Andy Phillips off waivers from the NYM (3rd)
Traded Ken Griffey Jr (and cash) to the CWS for Nick Masset and Danny Richar (31st)

August '08:
Signed Joe Valentine (Aug 6th)
Signed Justin Lehr (7th)
Traded Adam Dunn (and cash) to Arz. for Dallas Buck and 2 PTBNL (11th) - Wilken Castillo who was received Aug 14th and Micah Owings who was received Sept. 12th
Released David Ross (19th)

September '08:
Put on waivers Todd Coffey who was claimed by Milw. (Sept 10th)

October '08:
Granted FA Jolbert Cabrera (Oct 7th)
Granted FA Jeremy Affeldt (30th)
Granted FA Mike Lincoln (30th)
Granted FA Jerry Hairston Jr (31st)
Granted FA Kent Mercker (31st)
Granted FA Javier Valentin (31st)

November '08:
Granted FA Josh Fogg (Nov 1st)
Granted FA David Weathers (1st)
Granted FA Paul Bako (3rd)
Granted FA Kevin Barker (3rd)
Granted FA Alvin Colina (3rd)
Granted FA Justin Lehr (3rd)
Granted FA Bobby Livingston (3rd)
Granted FA Rob Mackowiak (3rd)
Granted FA Corey Patterson (3rd)
Granted FA Joe Valentine (3rd)
Signed Ben Davis (6th)
Signed Kevin Barker (19th)
Signed Ryan Jorgensen...err the Keymastur (19th)
Granted FA Andy Phillips (20th)
Signed Ron Flores (21st)

December '08:
Signed Darnell McDonald (Dec 2nd)
Signed Arthur Rhodes (2nd)
Signed Mike Lincoln (4th)
Signed David Weathers (7th)
Selected David Patton in the minor league phase of the rule 5 draft from Col and sold him to the Cubs (11th)
Granted FA Matt Belisle (12th)
Granted FA Norris Hopper (12th)
Granted FA Gary Majewski (12th)
Signed Norris Hopper (14th)
Signed Laynce Nix (16th)
Signed Wes Bankston (18th)
Signed Aaron Fultz (21st)
Signed Willy Taveras (27th)


January '09:
Signed Jerry Hairston Jr (Jan 7th)
Signed Jonny Gomes (19th)
Released Jon Adkins (22nd)

February '09:
Signed Humberto Cota (3rd)
Signed Jacque Jones (5th)
Signed Daryle Ward (5th)

March '09:
Released Aaron Fultz (Mar 23rd)
Released Daryle Ward (23rd)
Traded Jeff Keppinger to Houston for a PTBNL (31st) - Drew Sutton who was received on April 16th

April '09 - No transactions

May '09:
Bought Justin Lehr from Philly (May 23rd)

June '09:
Traded Norris Hopper to the CWS for Corky Miller (June 26th)

July '09:
Signed Kip Wells (July 9th)
Traded Jerry Hairston Jr to the NYY for Chase Weems (31st)
Traded Edwin Encarnacion, Josh Roenicke and Zach Stewart to Toronto for Scott Rolen (and cash) (31st)

August '09:
Sold David Weathers to Milw. (Aug 9th)
Traded Alex Gonzalez to Boston for Kris Negron (14th)

September '09 - No transactions

October '09 - No Transactions

November '09:
Granted FA Danny Richar (Nov 4th)
Put on Waivers Ramon Ramirez who was lost to Tampa Bay (9th)
Granted FA Kip Wells (16th)
Granted FA Laynce Nix (20th)
Put on waivers Craig Tatum who was lost to Baltimore (20th)

December '09:
Granted FA Jonny Gomes (Dec 12th)
Signed Laynce Nix (18th)