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My problem with Jocketty is that he doesn't do much of anything. He seems content to sit around and do nothing which will never improve the club. Half way and almost just doesn't get it done. I can't think of one deal that Jocketty has made to improve the Reds for the future, not one.
Sometimes you don't need to do anything. Sometimes the things you don't do actually improve your club going forward. We really don't know what Jocketty's plan is. We can speculate but he plays everything very close to his vest. I would argue that continuing to keep a core group of players together has been Jocketty's best move. Refusing to trade Homer for Dye may be another great move. Making sure Cueto pitched every 5th day when healthy may have been another good move.

IMO the major league club today is better than the major league club when Jocketty took over.