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This is the definition of a bad singing. Bay may be serviceable in the outfield for the first year or two of his contract, but what happens in years 3-4-5? He is not playing in Fenway anymore where the Monster changes the game, he is playing in the huge Citi Field. In year 3 of this contract Bay will be a DH playing LF.

Bay will be lucky to hit 25 homers in that ballpark. He's not a bad player, he's actually a pretty good player. But he's a horrible fit for that ballpark, and for that city. When he isn't hitting 30 homers annually, the New York press will be all over him.

The Mets should be building that team around pitching and defense. They should take a page out of Walt Jocketty's book (can't believe I'm saying that). This signing smells like a disaster to me.