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I understand you may be speaking rhetorically there, but, though I can't speak for Orton, I can personally tell you there is certainly loyalty to UK from John, Demarcus and EB, and you will see that as they return many times over the years for basketball camps, public appearances, team get-togethers, etc. I do know what you mean about players in a lot of cases not caring about the rules if they are merely making a pitstop at a place they never intend on returning after their eight months there or whatever. This is why it's so important to recruit not only on talent but on character as well.
Just to piggyback on your comment, it is amazing how much Cousins and Wall seemed to love Cal and Kentucky. Both stated they wanted to stay, but couldn't afford to. While that may be lip service, they are (along with Bledsoe) special guests at some of Cal's camps over the summer. None of them had to do that and all three did. (Along with Patterson, IIRC.)