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Sorry, this doesn't compute.

Top 3 recruiter? Yes.

Best recruiter? Possibly so.

Top 5 coach? No way, no how.

I do agree that there's no way Cal or anyone is promising Anthony Davis $200K.
I do agree with this, and it was one of my biggest drawbacks with Cal when he was hired.

The guy can recruit the best of the best and bring them to Lexington, but you have to honestly hope everything is clicking when they play.

This is where Cal and Quick Rick are similar (although you could make the argument Pitino has lost his recruiting edge). Both are/were excellent recruiters, but in-game coaches they were not.

Cal's teams, even at Memphis, always have a tendency to bow out a round earlier than they should. West Virginia this year, Missouri the year before, and losing the national championship to Kansas before that.