I think Owings looked a lot better in relief. Cutting down to two pitches and dropping his weakest offering, coupled with a Price reunion have me cautiously optimistic about him. I think he could be this year's Masset (though with lesser stuff and not as much late inning potential). I wouldn't be surprised if he winds up as a 7th inning mainstay and makes Burton expendable.

The bigger problem is the left side. Rhodes may still be good but no way he repeats what he did last year and probably is gone at the deadline. Additionally, Herrera could be in for a second time around "jinx" as the league adjusts to his trick pitch style. Bray really needs to come through. I'm not optimistic about Viola ever making the jump to the big leagues successfully and Valiquette, Thurman and Joseph are a year away. If Wood forces his way into the rotation we may see some one like Maloney moving to relief. Mark Pawelek has good stuff and a stint in the pen could get him moving quickly as well. Guys like Smit, Tabor and Krebs are probably long shots, but you never know with lefty arms. I'd prefer that Horst and Fairel stay on track in the rotation for now. The rest are a couple years away. Long term I think Thurman and Joseph will make lefty relief a strength, but holding the fort until then could be a little dicey IMO.