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The analogy with Mike Brown goes to the question of "can we do better"?

I think we can. I don't think he utilized Carson Palmer's skills. For instance, why couldn't he use the no huddle?

This offense showed a huge lack of discipline by jumping off sides and receivers and QB not in synch. This is the fault of the offensive coordinator in not preparing them properly. He should have ridden them hard in practice like a drill sargeant until they could do it in their sleep. Lack of preparation I blame on the coach.

Why couldn't the offense execute a screen pass to a back like Scott every now and then? Peyton Manning always has dumpoff options and he uses them a lot. Ditto for Tom Brady.

How 'bout a slant pass? I haven't seen a decent slant executed by this team since the one that broke Slim's arm.

These are simple things that are not too much to ask of NFL offenses and but Brat can't seem to do it with this group.
No huddle--you surely aren't going no huddle when you are playing field position, ball control, grind it out football.

False starts--I blame the frequency of these on CP line of scrimmage shenanigans. Snap the ball already. I don't think every play requires a check off or hard count, and the hard count is just as likely to make your own guy flinch as it is to draw the D offsides.

Screens and dumps--I'm in agreement

Slants--the Bengals finally broke these out against the Chiefs, threw a few to Chad, including the game winner. They underutilized these as well and would have gone nicely with the ball control style of offense. I agree there.