We have three pretty solid young postion prospects. If you could had to deal two and only keep one, who would it be:

* Francisco would be the first I would deal. I don't see him as a feaible 3B option at all and I'm not sure he'll be that great in LF. His pitch selection and how major league pitching might expose him, worries me so that I would probably deal him sooner than later before they got a chance.

* Alonso would be second on my list. He definitely has the most value of the three. I'm not a fan of the Alonso or Votto to LF move. I'd rather obtain a legit OFer. To me it comes down to Votto or Alonso at 1B with the other being dealt to fill another hole.

As such, I'm in no hurry to deal Yonder because that choice is at least a year away. If they know that they want to go with Votto longterm though and someone knocks their socks off for YA...

* Frazier probably has the least power potential of the three, but I see him as being consistent and his ability to play four or five positions might even make his value as a supersub more than his return in a trade - especially with Rolen's 120 game a year average at 3B.