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Kiffin is putting together an awsome staff at USC. All he will have to do is stand on the sidlines and make a butt of himself. Which he can do very easily.
Bad hire for USC because they are facing NCAA hearing on the Reggie Bush stuff and they go out and hire someone who has basically thumbed his nose at the NCAA since he was hired at UT. IMO, this will end very badly for USC.
UT is literally on fire. I have read that the students were burning mattresses and other things. They even basically got a posse together to go after Kiffin but were stopped. Fun times in Knox-Vegas.

When did Tennessee become WVU?

I said in an earlier post that this is the equivalent of USC giving the NCAA the finger. Knowing you are probably going to be facing sanctions and then hiring the biggest troublemaker of a coach known to man.

Actually, I would compare it to Gilbert Arenas in warmups before David Stern suspended him indefinitely.

I have a friend from Tennessee who I checked on Facebook last night after this happened. He was glad to see Kiffin go and thought he was a jerk after the way he acted toward Frank Beamer after losing to Va Tech. I think Vol Nation was divided on Kiffin, but they are all hurt and betrayed with what is happening right now. I wouldn't be shocked if they decided to bring back a former Vol to lead the program and provide stability. David Cutcliffe or Randy Sanders could be options.