For those of you interested, Verizon Wireless will be cutting prices on higher rate plans of (for individual lines) above 900 minutes and (for share plans) above 1400 minutes.

Essentially, they are doing away with Connect and Premium rate plans and just making it to where you pay either $9.99 (25 MB) or $29.99 (unlimited) per line for data access. They're also doing away with the 1350 minutes plateau on single line plans.

Where the real savings come in will be with Unlimited pricing. You will now be able to get unlimited talk & texting on single lines for just $89.99 a month. Just unlimited calling (no text plan) will be just $69.99 a month!

Unlimited Share Plans (talk & text) will run you just $149.99 for the first two lines and just $49.99 per line thereafter. Just voice will be $119.99 for the first two lines.

The only catch, though, is that most 3G devices will require at least the $9.99 data add-on. Even despite that, you'll be saving money with additional features.

This goes into affect on Monday. If you have existing Connect or Premium plans, or otherwise a tier that will not exist after Monday, you'll still be able to stay on those plans as long as you don't switch away.

This should be good for consumers. It's the next big step in going to an unlimited-everything product, like landlines. I imagine AT&T will follow-suit with a similar change in the very near future.

(FYI, Friends & Family callingplans - having additional numbers you can call as much as you want - will still be available on the 900 minute single-line tier and 1400 and 2000 minute family-plan tiers. However, 900 minutes single is 59.99 for just voice and 79.99 for texting as well so for $10 more you can go unlimited)