John is now done with all of his rankings. I know he said he had a few changes to make still, so this could change ever so slightly, though I doubt it makes much of an impact overall.

I went through each system that John graded and took down the grade for both hitters and pitchers. Why did I do that? Well, hitters and pitchers have different values. The value's that I used were the ones first identified by Victor Wang in an article at The Hardball Times. The guys at Beyond The Box Score took that and made it into a monetary value. Here is what the average prospect was worth who fell in these ranges:
Top 10 hitters 	         $32.5M
Top 11-25 hitters 	 $22.3
Top 26-50 hitters 	 $20.8
Top 51-75 hitters 	 $12.6
Top 76-100 hitters 	 $11.1
Top 10 pitchers    	 $13.5
Top 11-25 pitchers 	 $14.2
Top 26-50 pitchers 	 $14.2
Top 51-75 pitchers 	 $10.8
Top 76-100 pitchers 	 $8.7
Grade B pitchers 	 $6.5
Grade B hitters 	 $4.9
Grade C pitchers <23     $1.9
Grade C pitchers >23     $1.3
Grade C hitters <23      $0.62
Grade C hitters >23      $0.45

Now I did have to make some adjustments. As we can see, Pitching prospects in the 11-50 range tend to be more valuable than those in the Top 10. To counteract that sense ideally, it shouldn't be that way, I made each pitching prospect in the Top 61 (B+ or better grade) worth 14.2M. Here is the value I gave each grade - split for pitchers and hitters:

	     	 A 	  A- 	  B+ 	  B 	 B- 	C+
H 	Value 	32.5 	22.3 	20.8 	12.6 	 4.9 	0.88
P 	Value 	14.2 	14.2 	14.2 	9.8 	 6.5 	2.6

For the C+ guys I had to change a little. I didn't go through the 268 players who were graded C+ to find the age. So what I did was take the average C grade (split the difference between the two grades). That made 1.6 for pitchers and 0.54 for hitters.I used the weighting for the B grade prospects to wind up with the C+ being worth the same for a C as the B+ was for the B grades. Now that we had the value for each type of prospect, I just ran the numbers for the different teams. One thing to note, I didn't include the grade C prospects because not all of the C prospects made each list, so the data was left out because it was incomplete. Here are the results: